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Guangzhou Market

Guangzhou city often referred as Canton, is the capital of the Guandong Province in the south of China. With more than 10 million people, Guangzhou is famous for its Canton Fair and for the huge trading opportunities  it offers.  


Shenzhen is one of the newest cities in china, called the hi-tech city, its the border between China and Hong Kong and it is home to most of the consumer electronic related products. You can walk around its markets which offer endless possibilities for the  electronics junkie.


The Guangzhou market  is not as organized as Yiwu and moving around can be a hassle but that also makes it quite interesting. Focusing on Garments, Shoes, fashion accessories and electronics as well, the Guangzhou market is a gold mine to those who want to develop their ideas in the fashion industry. 


At a 40 minutes drive from Guangzhou, there is a town called Foshan, the ceramics city. Toilet seats, wash basins and ceramic tiles are well concentrated here. Also general furniture as Sofas, Dinner Tables and Chairs.


Welcome to let us know any ideas you might have in mind.

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