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We like to think of our company as one branch of your own company in China and even in Asia as we not only provide services within Mainland China but all through Southeast Asia. 


From the moment you exit the airport you will be assisted by our company in all your needs starting with the basic ones such as transports, itinerary logistics and even a telephone.

  • Invitation Letter.

  • Trip Planner.

  • Supplier Appointments.

  • Accompany to Suppliers.

  • Negotiation Advice.

  • Logistics.

  • Product Sourcing and Development.

  • Quality Control.

  • Cargo Consolidation.

  • Container Loading.

  • Invoicing and Shipment Documentation.

We have a professional team of customer service representatives fluent in both english and spanish that will take you around the markets and factories who will also be the ones making the purchase orders for you, translating your needs and thoughts to the suppliers and making the best out of your purchasing experience with us.  

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